AbsoluteCreativeDesign is a different concept for Tourney Pages.
SexyTXey created this concept for Tourney Pages back in 2003
and has taken it one step further. Movie quality is awesome
graphic colors are crisp and clear even when animated. They
are fun to watch. Its like giving an e-card everyday to your members.
This new site will have available to its Members pages
done ONLY in Flash format or with Animation.
At this time there are over 250 Flash Pages to chose from.
They have full animation for the flash and/or a wave or midi
for listening pleasure.

ACD will keep this site easy to navigate and have features easy
to use with Select All for easy copy/paste to your HTML box.

It's necessary to have a Paypal Account
prior to joining Absolutecreativedesign.com
1. Set up your Paypal Account
2. Sign up for membership with Absolutcreativedesign.com
Paypal will send you an Activation Email
it's important that your email address is correct
or you WILL NOT receive an activation email.
Subscription for membership is ONLY $2.00 per month
Or if you prefer $12.00 for 6 months or $24.00 for a year
Please allow at least 24 hours to receive Confirmation Email
to access Members Only site. Thank you .... SexyTXey

The site is still being updated with new Pages and has
Holiday Pages; Special Game Pages; and Milestone Pages.

Should you cancel your Membership and have any Personalized
Pages they remain the property of Absolutecreativedesign
In the event you decide to re-instate your Membership there
there will be a service charge of $20.00 to re-code the
Personalized pages.

For Absolutecreativedesign Members ONLY:
$8.00 for a Personalized Flash Sig
This includes:
The 6th PersonalizedFlashSig Free
and a Personalized Header Free with first Flash ordered
Our Courtesy storage with a Personalized Button
Our time
Coding for the Sig
Not for:
Tunes or for
Images we did not create.

Extra Headers are
$5.00 and includes Courtesy storage.