1. Must be Head Admin of League or Assistant Head
with purchasing authority and have a Pay Pal Account

League Membership Information
$50.00 yearly for League's Personalized Special Event Page Membership.

Unlimited Hosting Staff usage of PersonalizedLeagueSpecialEvent Pages.

Personalized League Flash Pages: $5.00 per Personalized League Special Event Page;
after 5 Special Event Flashes 6th one N/C

Host Header for each Staff Member.....with Subscription N/C

Header for those new to your Hosting Staff.....N/C

1 Personalized Holiday Newsletters.......N/C

Additional League Benefits:
Courtesy storage for League's Goodies
My Time for making the Special Pages
HTML coding for the page
League Name and URL on all your Pages
Each page is your Personal Choice....not a pre-made page.

Not for:
Music......This is done strickly for listening pleasure ONLY
Not for Graphics unless made by me.
*******Does NOT include ACD Membership pages.
*******This is only for League's Special Event Tournament Pages


Hosting Staff Benefits
They will receive membership pricing for Personalized Flash Pages,
of $6.50 with a header N/C with the first order and the 6th Flash N/C
and will be stored on the League's Goodies Page.

Host Terms of Use
League admins are gracious to have this page available for your use
please do not take advantage of this generosity and ONLY use for your
League's Special event tournaments.

Never give out League's Password

Do Not Alter the Flash Page in anyway

In the event you order a Personalized Flash you will be invoiced seperately
and it will be stored on the League's Goodies Page for
your use N/C as long as you host for this league. Should you retire or
resign; to continue use of this page, you must subscribe to the
membership site www.absolutecreativedesign.com Then your page will be
moved to your own Goodies login.

Absolutecreativedesign's TOU also applies to these terms. Any violation
of the TOU your authorization for use will be terminated.


League Aministrator(subscriber)TOU
Usage of these pages ONLY by Staff on your League

Keep ACD informed of Staff that may retire or resign.

Change League Membership Password ASAP when a Staff Member
retires or resigns and remember to notify your Staff of the change

Absolutecreativedesign's TOU also apply to these terms. Any violation
of the TOU your League's authorization for use will be terminated

ACD is not responsible for lost time from it's server
or for lost pages that may occur from this time loss.

Should you cancel your Membership and have any League Special
Pages they remain the property of Absolutecreativedesign...unless you'd like
a Zip File of those Pages sent to you via email then a $5.00 service charge per page
In the event you decide to re-instate your Membership there
there will be a service charge of $20.00 to re-code the League Personalized pages.