I've Been Busy!

Thinking of new items that y'all can enjoy. New ways to make Flash/Movies that will be fun for your Members and hopefully help them want to click on your tourney just to see what new page your using.

Also you can now request personalized newsletter templates....so please keep me busy making one for your league! I hope y'all will enjoy the new format making it much more personal for your league.

Also a great gift to give to that extra special hard working TD is a membership to Absolutecreativedesign. I thought to discount the membership price for this gift but it's already so low that it is not feasible to do it. $24.00 for a year or possibly 6 months @$12.00. Another nice gift is a Personalized Header $5.00 included is courtesy storage.

ACD's League Membership News

ACD new FACEBOOK COVERS!!!! $2.00 for Members
$4.00 for NonMembers

Should you be interested in this Item please Click below on Pay Pal Button with instruction on which Image Number you'd like or email me at afp@ktc.com

My Sister Site Absolutefunpages.com

Absolutefunpages was my very first design sig site founded in 2003 one of the very first sites at that time.

AFP also has a TD Resource Area designed to help new TD's and in the tool bar is a very helpful tutorial on how to decorate their Tournament Page. I have banners that you can add to your League Main Pages for my Free use design sigs for those TD's on your Staff. Please feel free to use one.

The address is www.absolutefunpages.com

To all our Members....

I hope you have a wonderful and......

Crissy (aka SexyTXey)